The goal of the "Holy Mountain" kennel is to breed collies with a balanced temperament as living with such a dog is a daily pleasure! What is essential for us is that our dogs and their owners are happy and satisfied together. It was proven that dogs with a strong herding instinct have a more stable temperament, without signs of shyness and nervousness.

Our youngsters have proven their herding capabilities by passing the
Test of Sheepdog Natural Aptitudes at Sheepdog Isontino ( under the assessment of trainer Martina Bossi.
Our Glory (Ace of Glory), which was absolutely fantastic, with not even 6 months of age! He has a remarkable instinct and courage. She was assessed with 80 out of 90 points and she still won the special recognition of the extremely talented young collie!

Sky (A Blue Pearl) was second in she was assessed with with 67 points out of 70 and  a praise from the trainer.

Our Lily (Black Madonna nad Mlini) proves every day collies can be still good herding dogs.

On May 19th, 2010 we did it again and all went together to SheepDog Isontino. Glory passed once again the Test of Sheepdog Natural Aptitudes and was assessed with 49/50 points! She was 2. of all participants

Glory in action

Sky was great too. She was assessed with 48/50 points and was 4th of all participants.


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