Mostly because of the success of the film Lassie, Rough Collies became a very popular breed from the mid 60’s. Nowadays Rough Collies are not Sheepdogs anymore. With time they became only pets and show dogs. A lot of breeders saw in this general “infatuation” a quick mean to earn money. They did not pay much attention to the standard and the temperament. So Rough Collies became a nervous even an aggressive breed, that had the bad habit to bark a lot.

     For a few years, the Rough Collie lost its popularity. To avoid all the problems related to wrong breeding and to make the breed popular again, the French Collie Club introduced at first the TAN (Character Test).The TAN was a condition for a dog or a bitch to get 4 points as a quotation mark for the official qualification 'recommended for breeding'. Then in 1980, the CANT (test of Sheepdog Natural Aptitudes) was created. Its purpose was to detect and study the sheepdog qualities of a dog when facing a flock of sheep (inborn qualities). The scope of these tests was to choose only the best dogs for breeding. That does not mean that herding is essential for rough collies nowadays. Nevertheless it was proven that dogs with a strong herding instinct have a more balanced and sound temperament and are therefore better for breeding.

First encounter with the sheep

Aisha wonders...

...what I expect from her.

When she understands...

...Nothing stops her.

=:> Aisha: Test of Sheepdog Natural Aptitudes 3.5 points/5                                 

Pâris is immediately enthusiastic.

Pâris enjoys himself so much...

...that I must buy him a few sheep as a birthday present.

=:> Pâris: Test of Sheepdog Natural Aptitudes 4.5 points/5                                 

We went to pass the test of Sheepdog Natural Aptitude at the Centre SheepDog Isontino (Italy).

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