The goal of the "Holy Mountain" kennel is to breed collies with a balanced temperament as living with such a dog is a daily pleasure!

With our 3 new hopes Moon, Dandy and Lexy we went to test their herding capabilities at SheepDog Isontino. There they passed the
Test of Sheepdog Natural Aptitudes.

At that trial they assess from 1/10 points 5 abilities: 1. Interest/instinct, 2. Stare/ hypnotic look, 3. Style, 4. Obedience, 5.Potencial/prospect.


Our Lexy was amazing and she surprised all of us. She was assessed with 49/50 points and was first of all participant dogs.

Moon was forth and got 46 out of 50 points. Comment of the trainer: Superb working dog! Even if the sheep didn't help, she »ruled«!

Dandy was not bad either (38/50), but he was first to pass the trial and he didn't exactly know what was expected from him … but when he understood his »work«, he became a real sheepdog. Comment from the trainer! Playful dog, has potential but work/training is needed….

With this trial of our new hopes, we can say that the herding tradition of the “Collies of The Holy Mountain” can go on!


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