Rough Collies' kennels and breeders: Interesting links:
De la Vallée des Neuf Chenes (F)
Wicani Collies (UK)
Iridescent Collies (NL)
Lovely Bears (NL)
Rough Collies breeders worldwide
Androma Collies (Slo)
Lidok's (Slo)
Unique's Diamond (Slo)
Home Tete-a-Tete (Rus)
Roughian (Cro)
Denis Collies (Cro)
Della Cambianella (I)
Camaro Collies (D)
Von Hause Reinhart (D)
Von Hause Rupkopf (D)
Presseggersee Collies (A)
Nyitramenti (H)
Angie's Angels (H)
Marrow (H)
Rineweld (H)
Doulbe Scotch (H)
Silver Dream (H)
Born to be (H)
All French Kennels
Moon River (F)
Les Marecages du Prince (F)
Cabrenysset (F)
Cathyja Collies (F)
Le Chemin des Rendonnees (F)
Le Chant des Madones (F)
Le Val des Petits Genies (F)
Le Bois des Amazones (F)
Les Beldones (F)
Le Clos des Centaures (F)
Le Clos des Duchesses (F)
Le Vent des Moissons (F)
Le Clos de Montamer
La Foret des Aigles (F)
La Chapelle aux Arbres (F)
Dromtane Rough Collies (IRL)
Perla Di Fiume (IT)

Padawan Collies (PL)
Woodland Collies (DK)
Collies del Torrino (IT)
Collies della Buca selle fate (IT)
Collie Kennel (D)
Dignity Collies (NOR)
Collies Of The Windy Lands (SLO)

Ko To Ra Collies (PL)
Kennel Hasseltorpet (SE)
Riverside Song Collies (RO)
Unique Diamond (Slo)
De la Vallée des Neuf Chenes (F)
The Shadow Collieboys (No)
Essanjay Collies (UK)

Silver Coast Collies (F)
Allevamento della verde Scozia (I)
Aydeen Collies (SLO)

Collie On Line
Slovene club for British Sheepdogs
Collies In Italy
British Sheepdogs in Croatia 
Moj Pes
Dog Champions
French web site for animal photos
Mes Chiens Tibetains
Riding Club Vajkrad Valvasor
Colley Forum
Slo breeders

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